10 Amazing Tips That Will Help Generate Quality Roofing Leads

10 Amazing Tips That Will Help Generate Quality Roofing Leads

For any business to keep things running and to make profits, marketing and generating quality leads is mandatory. In this case, the roofing business is not an exception. In this article, we will see some tips for generating leads for the roofing business.

Personal selling

Personal selling is also known as face to face selling. It is one of the oldest marketing methods that have been there for ages. The process includes cold calling and door to door marketing. In this method, the salesperson will have a target and will have to convince people to become their customers.

Outdoor roofing advertisements

Displaying ads in some particular areas can generate a lot of potential leads. There are good possibilities that it will grab the attention of many people. One of the best things about these ads is that the brand will have a good reach among the audience.

Yellow pages for the roofing market

Not just for roofing companies, yellow page is a tried and tested marketing strategy that had worked for many industries. There was a time when yellow pages meant the physical book. But in the present, there are a lot of online directories where you can advertise


This old school method sure has its charm and provides good results. It is one of the easiest methods through which people can be influenced by following some specific methods. The times like after storm can be capitalized and a considerable number of leads can be generated.

Direct mail

Direct Mail is one of the methods if done properly can fetch some quality leads. Postcards and leaflets sure do grab some attention of the people and have the potential to convert them into good leads for the business.

Trade shows

Trade shows are organized in many places. There are specific trade shows that concentrate on the real estate sector. People who visit these shows are potential leads. There are good possibilities that they might be in search of a roofing service providers. These shows also give you a clear picture of the competition that you have.

Networking among roofing companies

Networking is one of the mandatory things that you need to do when it comes to business. You can participate in the local, and there are good chances that you will meet some people who can add great value to your business.

Partnership with contractors

Having a partnership with other contractors is like a win-win situation. Everyone is getting business, and everyone is making profits. In this process, the partners can complement each other which will definitely result in generating a good number of leads.

Free roof inspections and estimates

If you are charging for roofing inspections and estimates, there is no way that people will choose you. So offer free roofing inspection and estimates. It does consume a bit of time. But it is one of the best methods for lead generation.

Online advertising

Online advertising is one of the latest methods that will generate a lot for leads if it is done properly. It is the method in which you can target specific audiences at the right time with the right message.






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